Pokémon and Personal Development

Think of yourself as a Pocket Monster.

Learning Moves is good, but the only thing that really makes you more powerful is Experience.

The only way to get Experience is to be in the battle. That means you’ll get hurt.

When you’ve been knocked out, stop and take the time to recover.

If you’re not in the battle, at least be on a team that battles.

You can only know four Moves at a time.

That said, some Moves can be learned (or re-learned) rather quickly.

The easiest Moves to learn are often the ones that match your attributes…

…but if you can learn Moves from a different type, you can be uniquely powerful.

Evolution happens.

Sometimes, the Moves you choose to learn impact what you Evolve into next.

Individual battles are less important than big challenges.

You learn the most from your friends.

Play well with others.

Co-Founder, Liquid Genius